Choosing VOIP telephone communications for your business

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is more commonly known as ‘calls over the Internet’. This works by transmitting signals over standard Internet infrastructure using IP protocol.

This has gained vast popularity over the past few years with the huge success of Internet-based telephones, such as Skype and other multimedia-based communication software, i.e. Facebook’s video calling, iPhone’s ‘face-timing’ and WhatsApp calling.

So why choose VOIP for your business?


  • Much cheaper alternative to analogue landline services
  • Only need broadband installed to ensure its success
  • VOIP is a feature-rich service: Call recording, divert on no answer, voicemail-to-email, time of day routing, remote voicemail access, music on-hold, and much more as standard
  • Better quality calls for both business and personal use
  • More enjoyable method of communication and much more up-to-date. It uses computers and broadband for telephone communication
  • Flexible call transfers to other numbers, mobiles and landlines
  • Easily available
  • Much cheaper calls and packages available with VOIP
  • Simple to use and set-up with assistance readily available


  • VOIP is still a very new technology
  • More features and improvements expected over the next few years (however, these will be addable as opposed to upgrading entire systems and buying more equipment, especially with cloud-based PBX instalments)
  • It is only as good as your broadband strength and router

So if you are thinking about upgrading and saving money on your current telephone services, now is the time. Most people have broadband today, so why not make it simple for yourself and run it all through the same place.

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