Gigabit Broadband Voucher scheme

According to the Department for digital culture, media and sports (DCMS), The Government have issued 45,000 vouchers so far, worth more than £90M to help cover the costs of delivering gigabit speeds directly in to peoples homes and businesses. This is part of a £1 Billion commitment running until the end of the financial year 2021, with a further £5 Billion being committed to the hardest to reach/rural areas.

Looking at the case studies, its hard to see, especially if you’ve been running a business from a rural area, why you wouldn’t at least look in to the ‘gigabit broadband voucher scheme’. Some folk are paying massive contracts on connections that their location simply would not allow. Rural areas would see their speeds jump, for an example, from 8 mbps in some of the worst areas, to 1000mbps (1Gbps) and above, directly to the premises.

So what is it?

The Gigabit Broadband voucher scheme is a UK-wide, supplier led scheme offering vouchers to offset the cost of installing gigabit capable broadband to the premises, i.e Homes and Businesses. This will give you speeds of 1000mbps but beneficiaries will only pay for the speeds they want to use as long as its over 30mbps.

The scheme is community based so suppliers will only accept vouchers when they are part of a group scheme. This can consist of homes and/or businesses. To check eligibility, Businesses and communities are urged to use the post code checker at the Gigabit broadband voucher scheme webite:

Future proofing!

I think, with an increasing remote and home working force across the country, along with the eventual PSTN (copper phone lines) switch off in 2025 (if all goes to plan), there is no better time to think about the future of rural connectivity and your business. The governments ‘Gigabit broadband voucher scheme’ might just be the catalyst you need to jump into a fully connected business world.

While its a good scheme, It can be very difficult to implement. Although Open Reach are obliged to carry out the work, they’re already stretched to the limit. Further more, the overall cost depends on how many other house holds and/or businesses in the same area apply for the vouchers. so, as an example, if 3 businesses apply, they each get £3.5K towards the cost of installing your cabinet, Totaled at £10.5K, which should cover the costs providing extra civil cost are not incurred.

Orchid are here!

Remember, Whether you have a gigabit connection or not, Orchid Telecom can supply all you need for a connected work place. VoIP, Internet and Analogue solutions for your office.

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