How digital phone systems can help your business…

When growing and developing your business, digital phone systems are a crucial part of this evolution. Digital phone systems are based on cloud services and VOIP. They provide telephone connections via Internet services, making communication more readily available and easily accessible for anybody with broadband.

These digital phone systems provide a fun, easy, feature-rich telephone experience that are perfect for any size of business, from a small two-man operation to a vast call centre. They also suit home businesses that are looking to separate family landlines, enabling you to achieve very low-cost calls and cheap communications.

Through the Orchid Telecom Internet server, we have created a highly stable and flexible hosted telephone system. Through our own IP exchange, we can offer cost-effective telephone solutions.

Orchid Digital Phone Systems

If you have a small office or need an extra line for your home, a Digital phone system could be the solution. It only requires a broadband connection, making it readily available for anybody. This digital system allows you to separate business and home lines with a separate number. With a free-of-charge Linksys box from Orchid Telecom plugged directly into your router, you can add another line without interrupting connections. Low-cost packages are available from £5.50 per month.

Orchid Telecom Linksys Service

You can spread a digital phone system over multiple sites, making calling between offices simple and easy. Each extension becomes easily accessible wherever your office may be. You can also present any existing Caller Line Identification (CLI) to customers all over the country, wherever they are based.

The cloud-based service makes storing numbers and monitoring calls quick and simple. It offers options to make recordings, track the time of day and use extension routing. This enables companies to give the impression of being a larger business.

Orchid VOIP Desk Shot

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