Using VOIP technology in your business

While researching your communications options for your business, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) may come up as a recommended option. Confused? Don’t be. It can sound more complicated than it really is; ultimately, it’s a type of technology that enables you to make voice calls using your broadband Internet connection rather than a regular telephone line.

You may already be using a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, which is a private telephone network that can be used within an organisation that enables users to communicate internally and externally using communication channels such as VOIP, ISDN or analogue.

Integrating VOIP with an existing PBX system

We’re frequently asked if you can integrate VOIP with an existing PBX system and the simple answer is yes! As long as you have broadband and a router, there’s no reason why you can’t do this. At Orchid Telecom, we provide a free-of-charge Linksys adapter, which instantly connects your router and PBX system, creating a VOIP line.

As this hybrid telephone system enables you to combine one or two VOIP lines with analogue lines, it is very popular with those who aren’t completely comfortable with moving away from analogue and provides a great way to slowly transition across. It also helps to save you a lot of money on equipment as you are able to continue using your current analogue/standard phones, plugging the Linksys adaptor directly into your BT socket or PBX line socket.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of VOIP?


  • You can add to your existing analogue/landline service using an Orchid Telecom Linksys adaptor – or get rid of your analogue line altogether and just connect to your broadband line
  • You can add lines for far less cost than a traditional landline
  • Feature-rich: Call recording, divert on no answer, voicemail-to-email, time of day routing, remote voicemail access, music on-hold, and many more advanced features.
  • For home workers, you can present your office number when calling customers, helping to keep your home and work separate
  • It’s a more enjoyable method of communication
  • It’s more up-to-date to use computers and broadband for telephone communication, as shown by the success of Skype
  • Easily available – whether you have traditional landlines or broadband, you can have VOIP
  • Much cheaper calls than the regular analogue service
  • Simple to use and set-up – no engineering required


  • Still a very new technology
  • If adding to an existing analogue line as opposed to broadband, the features are limited
  • If you are connecting to your broadband, the service will be limited by your broadband strength and the quality of the router
  • Can be over-sold with more features than you actually need or use

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