Which VOIP phone should I choose?

When looking to choose a VOIP business telephone system, one of the hardest questions to overcome is what to choose. There are so many phones – which is right for you?

When first introduced, the VOIP telephones were brand-led and very expensive – especially if you wanted reliability and quality. This is no longer the case – as with all new technology, the market has opened up and you now have a greater choice on price and brand that does not reflect reliability or quality – the big names are no longer calling the shots!

It is now down to personal preference and the type of of features you want. We can happily recommend the Grandstream range. The basic GXP 1620 has all the normal features you would expect with a two-line IP phone. Meanwhile, their high-end GXV 3275 has a touch-screen, six lines and android capability. They are all very comparable to the telephones on offer from the likes of Snom or Polycom, but available at a fraction of the price.

If you are keen to stick with brands you already know and trust, we can provide most telephone ranges at competitive prices. The plethora of ranges and brands now on the market means that whether you have a small business, want to separate your business and home lines, or are at the other end of the scale have a multi-office set-up, there will be something to meet your budget and requirements, all with the capability to hold more than one line and multiple calls at the same time.

An example of these can be seen below:


VOIP telephones

Left: Grandstream GXP1620, Middle: Grandstream GXP1782, Right: Grandstream GXV3275


The best thing to do when looking to change your telephone system is to look around and find what is right for you and your office. You can drop us a call on 01572 717888 to learn more or browse our shop to discover the latest products available.

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